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Cocktails by Consensus: The Alexander

The Alexander Cocktail

Hugo Ensslin (1915)What To Drink?Diffords GuideFive O'Clock Cocktails Gin1 part1 oz2 shots1.25 oz. Creme De Cacao1 part1 oz1 shot.75 oz. Cream1 part1 oz.1/2shotUse Ciao Bella Mint Chip Gelato GarnishGrated NutmegFennel Seeds

Here’s a cocktail that has ended up on the short end of the stick here on The Gin is In. I’m Lactose Intolerant. I don’t drink cream, and I especially do not drink cream based drinks in bars.

But why don’t you take those little pills? A: There is no amount of Lactaid Pills in the world that make me able to digest cream. I take 10 pills just to have a piece of pizza…

The Alexander is a peculiar drink in the gin cocktail canon. It is heavy, thick, and is fabulous at disguising the taste of gin. This contributed to its heydey during prohibition when the Alexander became a speakeasy favorite? The cream is great at disguising the taste of cheap (and bathtub) gin.

Six degrees of Buffalo: The Alexander This is an interesting footnote. One “origin” story of the cocktail cites a gentleman by the name of Troy Alexander who worked at George Rector’s restaurant in New York City.

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