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Sherry Is In!

Yes, if you haven’t heard: the first somewhat obscure alcoholic drink du jour of 2013 is Sherry. In most folks’ minds, the humble fortified wine is that cooking thing you keep in the cabinet and splash on meats or risottos.

But I’m not here to demystify the Sherry. I’m here to help you hop on the bandwagon with gin driving and your new best friend Sherry seated shotgun.

Note, anthropomorphized hands not included to keep it on this side of the uncanny valley.

So what kind of drinks can we mix up?

Alaska + 1

While we’ve previously covered the Alaska Cocktail on this site, you might not realize that there are a couple of variations on it. I’m not in sleuthing mode, so let’s just say the origins are muddy but some variation of this recipe has floated around cocktail blogs for some time. 

The Alaska #2 Cocktail 4 parts gin 1 part green chartreuse 1 part dry sherry [such as a Manzanilla or the like] Shake w/ ice and Strain into a cocktail glass. Serve with no garnish. 

This drink is somewhat martini like, and the green chartreuse is powerful.

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1GD: The Alaska Cocktail w/ Brandon’s Gin

Here I am conducting important research. Brandon Thomas Parsons’ Bitters: A spirited history of the classic cure-all with cocktails, recipes and formulas  was the source for this experiment.

Here is the collection of ingredients that we’re putting together for this Alaska Cocktail.

Bitter Truth’s Orange Bitters Yellow Chartreuse (on sale! for a ridiculously low $27!) And of course Brandon’s [quite excellent, review forthcoming] gin.

Its a rather herbaceous cocktail. The Chartreuse is not to be hidden easily, but I think the gin and the herbal notes compliment each other really nicely. I like the sweetness of The Bitter Truth’s Orange Bitters, but after mixing I felt that I should have used Fee Brothers’ Orange Bitters. They’re a little bit stronger in smaller doses.

Overall, this is a cocktail that I can really see myself spending more time with this summer. Its simple, easy to make, but complex and worth coming back to.

The Juneau Cocktail a.k.a. My variation on the Alaska Cocktail 5 parts a strong juniper forward gin 1 part Yellow Chartretuse 2 dashes of orange bitters [the orange bitters add a nice note here] Stir with ice until ice cold, strain and serve.

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Cocktails by Consensus: the Alaska Cocktail

Two at the MostSerious EatsCocktail EnthusiastSavoy StompBitters, by Brad Thomas Parsons Gin2 oz.1.5 oz.1.5 oz.2/3 part1.5 oz. Yellow Chartreuse1/4 oz.1/2 oz.1/2 oz.1/6 part.75 oz. Orange Bitters2 dashes1 dash (optional)1 dash1 dash Dry Sherry1/6 part InstructionsStir w ice and strain.Stir w ice and strain.Stir w ice and strain.Stir w ice and strain. GarnishOrange Twist

Another one of these cocktails which date back to the famous Savoy Cocktail Book. Predictably, we don’t have much of a background to explain the where or why. But this subtle variation on the martini (replace Vermouth with Yellow Chartreuse) is a surprising no-show on the cocktail revival scene. While classics such as the Aviation, the Negroni or even the Aresnic and Old Lace adorn the menu of many a cocktail bar worth their salt, this simple drink remains obscured by time.

The Ratios Every ratio from 8 parts gin to 1 part Chartreuse to 2:1  is suggested as a possible ratio for this drink (very reminiscent of the Martini, no?). One notable variation suggests the addition of dry Sherry, but I’m on the fence about even including it as part of the official consensus exercise.

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