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The “Air Freshener” shot

Earlier this month I wrote about my first gin cocktail. I confess, I did stretch the truth a bit. I did have one gin experience before my gin and tonic. But it is one that I would altogether rather forget. Please let me introduce you to the “air freshener” shot.

This shot requires the piniest, most prickly gin you can find. If you use a good gin, or one that emphasizes a botanical other than juniper, you won’t experience the air freshener in all of its glory. I’ve used Beefeater before, but please don’t feel you have to use a gin of even that quality.

Fill a shot glass 7/8 of the way with very cheap gin Add a splash of grenadine

Stir together, and drink it quickly. If you used a gin with sufficient juniper, the effect will be akin to a cheap pine car air freshener.  The taste is a noxious and overwhelming- and sufficient to turn a drinker off to gin entirely. Now that you know of the air freshener shot, beware, because with great power comes great responsibility. Do not use this shot for evil.

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