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The 2014 Juniper and Gins Preview

rock rose gin bottle

2013 was a pretty epic year in gin. If you’re interested in looking back, check our end of year features.

But as of right now, we boldly look forward: what gins should we be keeping an eye on in the next year? What trends might we see emerge, and finally, we’ll make a couple bold predictions.

Gins to keep an eye out for:

These are all based on actual information, and as best as I can tell these gins will be hitting the market this year.

    Coming 2014!

    Rock Rose Gin from Dunnet Bay Distillers in Caithness, UK // 2014 Ivy City Gin from One Eight Distillers in Washington D.C. // Spring 2014 Pathogin/Seasonal Gins from Stay Tuned Distillers in Pittsburgh, PA // 2014 Black Button Citrus Forward Gin from Black Button Distillers in Rochester, NY // 2014 Untitled Gin from Old Fourth Distillery in Atlanta, GA // 2014 The Lakes Gin from Lakes Distillery in Cumbria, UK // Summer 2014 Untitled Gin from Lake George Distilling Co. // 2014 Untitled Gin from Strong Distilling in Missouri // 2014? Untitled American Style Gin from North Spirits Craft Distillery in Hallock, MN // December 2014 Botanica Spiritvs from Falcon Spirits in Richmond, CA // January 2014 Untitled Gin from Wet Mountain Whiskey in Westcliffe, CO // 2014 Untitled Gin from St Augustine Distilling Company in St.

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