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Sherry Is In!

Yes, if you haven’t heard: the first somewhat obscure alcoholic drink du jour of 2013 is Sherry. In most folks’ minds, the humble fortified wine is that cooking thing you keep in the cabinet and splash on meats or risottos.

But I’m not here to demystify the Sherry. I’m here to help you hop on the bandwagon with gin driving and your new best friend Sherry seated shotgun.

Note, anthropomorphized hands not included to keep it on this side of the uncanny valley.

So what kind of drinks can we mix up?

Alaska + 1

While we’ve previously covered the Alaska Cocktail on this site, you might not realize that there are a couple of variations on it. I’m not in sleuthing mode, so let’s just say the origins are muddy but some variation of this recipe has floated around cocktail blogs for some time. 

The Alaska #2 Cocktail 4 parts gin 1 part green chartreuse 1 part dry sherry [such as a Manzanilla or the like] Shake w/ ice and Strain into a cocktail glass. Serve with no garnish. 

This drink is somewhat martini like, and the green chartreuse is powerful.

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