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The best of The Gin is In: 2011

It’s been a great year at the Gin is In. In fact, of our two year history, I can say without a doubt that it’s been the most successful year we’ve had yet. But in all seriousness, we thought as a way of commemorating the prior year that we should commemorating it by looking at our favorite gin moment of each month from the past year.



In late January we reviewed Finger Lake Distiller’s fantastic Seneca Drums Gin. “The first thing I noticed about Seneca Drums was the floral scent. Upon opening the bottle, I immediately drew a parallel to G’vine’s Floraison. Both use a grape spirit base in addition to neutral spirits to create a more unique and distinctly American style gin.” “Seneca Drums Gin does not “play well with others” and is recommended strongly for drinks where gin is the one and only star.”




February introduced me to a gin that quickly became one of my all time favorites (and a half full bottle which still lives at my sister’s house). Aviation is by far one of the best gins I’ve had, and for many this is the gin that epitomized the “New Western” style.

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