Gin News [January 31st, 2014]

What a week for launches, with a couple unexpected names gracing our list:

What’s New?

Coming Soon

  • Greenhook Ginsmiths in Brooklyn, New York expect to have an Old Tom out this fall.

Who Else was talking about gin this week?

  • death in the gulf stream

    The final Ginuary drink of ’14, the Death in the Gulf Stream

    Violet Packham of Burgess Hill celebrated her 100th birthday this week. And had many choice observations on gin to share with the world: “Mrs Packham joked that a glass or two of gin a day has kept her healthy. Upon reflection she added: ‘It’s not only the gin! The most important thing is your attitude to life…. Even my birthday presents were gin – gin and chocolates!'” [source]
    Aaron’s Note: I for one hope that all of these centenarians I hear talking about drinking neat spirits as part of their longevity are correct. Because then my gin writing isn’t just my job, it’s also my ticket to long life and good health. 

  • Congrats to Ginuary on completing her third straight year of a gin cocktail per day for the entire month of January! Though my favorite drink of this month had to be the day she reviewed popcorn flavored like a cocktail. 

Second Opinions

  • The Gin Queen was at again this week. She reviews a gin we The Melbourne Gin Company Dry Gin, a gin we highlighted as a new release not too long ago. “[it has] great warmth and depth in a martini with a very smooth finish.”
  • Summer Fruit Cup covers another new release, North Berwick [NB] gin. “there are some very classic gin characteristics but the finally flourishes of the spice botanically adds a distinctive twist. “
  • Drink Hacker reviews Spirit of Hven’s Organic Gin. “The creamier body, brought on by the oak aging, works well with the gin, giving it a rounder, more mouth-filling character.”

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