Gin News [August 9th, 2013]

The summer brings with it beautiful weather and the occasional mini-vacation. Last Friday, I was at the beach getting a wicked sunburn [accidentally]. So the news didn’t quite make it. Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather as much as I did. Without further ado, what happened in the world of gin this week?

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“That made me feel a bit better about things. Perhaps as British Columbians we’re doing as good a job honouring our province at backyard barbeques and visiting its great outdoor. But, should you find yourselves on the Trans-Canada Highway, heading to Golden to golf, or to Salmon Arm for some fishing, slow down and make the sharp turn at Craigellachie and stop for a moment to think about the country our founders forged out of fiscal practicality, back breaking hard work, a hint of scandal, and splashes of gin..” [source]

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