From the World of Gin [May 2013]

This month, I realized there might be enough news to take this thing weekly. But for now, here’s what happened in gin since we last checked in.

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“Gin lost its way for a time in the 60s and 70s onwards, with other drinks becoming the trend, but it’s finding its feet again now.” It is a category of intriguing contradictions – eccentricity and intelligence, refined and urban” [source]

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3 thoughts on “From the World of Gin [May 2013]

    David T Smith

    It’s really weird that Big Hospitality is reporting that Brockman’s is new. I first had it in 2008 at it’s launch at the Boutique Barshow. It’s actually one of the older varieties of the new-wave of gins that came about about five years ago. This is not a new variety or ABV – just really weird.


    Yeah, I saw this “launch” mentioned a couple of times. Closer examination is that you’re right. I didn’t realize that it’s not technically a launch.

    I’m going to take it out of here. Thanks for the tip.

    Is it a rebranding? New Bottle? just lost in the bustle and looking for some new attention? I know that happens too.

    David T Smith

    It’s the same bottle and the branding hasn’t changed. Brockman’s is a funny one; it’s almost like a flavoured gin and is a sort of precursor to the likes of Hoxton and Nolet’s Silver. That said I’ve spoken to a fair few people that like it. When I get chatting to someone that likes gin one of four names come up:

    Martin Millers

    Once folks move beyond Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, Gordon’s this appears to be where they go.

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