Zuidam Dutch Courage

Netherlands---Dutch-CourageSo the name, “Dutch Courage,” is attributed to a possibly apocryphal story about the origin of gin in England. Supposedly when the English were fighting alongside the Dutch in the 20 years war, the Dutch took a swig of a spirit before rushing into battle. This spirit made them bold! Made them powerful! Made them courageous. Hence the name “Dutch Courage.” The stuff they were drinking? Genever. The ancestral spirit which led to the development of gin.

Truth be told, the term probably didn’t exist until much later. But nevertheless, good story right?


The nose has juniper, lemon, and a lovely Bombay-Sapphireesqeue note of exotic coriander. The nose is well-rounded with a lovely citrusy undertone. Quite nicely balanced and quite classic. The palate is citrusy at first, but with a rich spicy character, with notes of violet, anise, and pine-note accentuated juniper. Hints of walnut and nutmeg in the late palate, leading into the finish. Moderate in length with a dry clean finish, this is easy drinking, well-balanced classic gin.

Seems like a good mixing gin at a good strength as well. I’d try it in a French 75 or Tom Collins.


Price: $45 / 700 mL
Proof: 89
Availability:  Europe, and Master of Malt online.
Rating: Bright and classic, with a rich mouth feel, and lots of all of the requisite note for a classic gin. Bottled at a nice strength with a rich smooth character, this is a nice gin that while it may not give you courage, it will give you a good drink. [Rating:4/5]

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Readers' Reviews

by Harold Miller

Excellent gin for mixing a perfect martini with a twist. A good lemon zest for garnish will enhance the natrual citrus flavor; however, it is the sweet white vermouth which brings out an inescapable vanilla, lingering and finishes the drink with refreshing uniqueness. The flavor experience is not unlike a sweet, lemon iced cream. It is sure to be a Summer favorite for anyone who likes a refreshing desert drink without all the sugar. Cheers!

Last updated January 28th, 2015 by Aaron

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  • January 29, 2015by paul

    Very nice review and I am happy the Dutch products are on the rise again.

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