Shortcross Wild Clover Gin

Price:  N/A 
ABV: 46%
Origin: Northern Ireland
Distiller: Rademon Estate Distillery
Availability: For members of the Craft Gin club in March ’16
Rating: With the amped up clover, it’s not about balance as much as it is showcasing the beauty and power of that one ingredient. Floral on its own, it opens and up and becomes more green and herbal with tonic. Fans of assertive contemporary floral gins I think will find a lot to like about this special edition.  

shortcross-ginThe Craft Gin Club tells the story best, in their March post to their members about this special edition of Shortcross Gin*. For those of you who aren’t going to click a link no matter how brief the article [four paragraphs!], the TL;DR is, “they boosted the Clover in their signature formula,” which by the way was unusual and exotic to start, with apple and elderberry alongside juniper, coriander, cassia, orange, and lemon.

Tasting Notes

Juniper and coriander, heady and rich on the nose. Furthermore, citrus zest, granny smith apple. and an interesting note that’s green, herbal and slightly floral. This is where the clover seems to come through. Though the Gin Club post seems to allude to the greens being present in here, I’m getting hints of clover blossom and not much green. Perhaps I’m just unlucky**.

The palate is loud. It starts loud and begins to roar. Juniper, lemon rind, bitter orange rind, and a lot of coriander, but the bulk is that loud, almost herbal tea note that seems to grow from the back of the palate outward. It has some dried flowers, hints of rosehip with a tinge of celery on the back end. There’s a good deal of heat; the base spirit brings a lasting warmth.

Moderate long finish with juniper, coriander and clover hanging on.

I love the energy and verve of this gin. I might critique it in saying that, “it could use some balance,” and that clover/floral note is just drowning out the other botanicals on the palate. But, that is the intention of this variation, to dial it up, if you will.

So overall, It’s a good, albeit loud gin. It’s not one note, but one performer is singing louder than the others. Recommended for fans of Shortcross and fans of assertive contemporary floral/herbal gins.

*How did I get this? Thank you David T. Smith b.k.a. SummerFruitCup for the sample.
** Okay a bad joke. Let me explain. A lucky clover being one with four leaves, and the absence of green clover leaf flavor being a reflection of there being no lucky four leafs? Bah, I’ll stick to my day job.

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