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Broker's Gin Bottle

Firstly and foremost folks, this is the first review I’m doing custom for this new layout. What do you think of the bigger, higher-res images? Or do you prefer the tighter more focused bottle photos? Let me know in the comments what you think.

Now on to the gin. A classic that you’ve probably seen. It’s won a lot of awards, it’s an enduring name on the gin scene, and damn if that hat isn’t the classiest bottle top I’ve ever seen.

Tasting Notes

Very flavorful and very bright. Sweet bright citrus on the nose, and a bright dose of juniper as well. Possibly a hint of spice and florals around the edges, but it maintains a straightforward classical character.

The palette is hot and spicy juniper. A good deal of heat and warmth. 94 proof, enough to keep you toasty on a winter’s eve. Starts with a hint of juniper before the citrus aromas absolutely flourish. Nicely balanced with a slight sweetness akin to violet coming out, but it’s only slight. The fruit note here is well tempered and squarely in the sweet citrus camp. Juniper comes back for a second burst, this time bringing with it a hefty dose of heat and power. Nice flavor, and the closing is well balanced. There’s an earthy counternote that keeps the juniper from being too overwhelming. It fades pleasantly until all that remains is a little bit of heat. Tastes clean and fresh, and is exactly the kind of juniper forward gin you’d expect from a 200 year old distillery. I like it quite a bit, and its exceptionally well balanced and stands out among the sub $20 gins from England in terms of this.

brokers gin hat

Cocktail Tasting

I started out with the Gin and Tonic and it quite much caught my fancy. Bright notes of juniper and a touch of citrus. Well balanced with the tonic water. When I think of classic style gin, this is very much the kind of drink I’m looking for. That pine tingle is here, but so is the flavor and depth of the gin. Quite a nice drink, though I think with a touch of lime it really is sublime.

Martini is nice, but I find it good and not exceptional. I’m looking for that one thing to stand out here and quite unfortunately, complimented with Vermouth, it seems to take on an “everyday” sort of feeling. Where’s that balance, that bright citrus and earthy finish? It just seems to be simply okay.

This is the point where I think the gin really begins to take off. Take it in any number of classic prohibition era cocktails, or modern classics and it works well. Ranging from good to sublime. I think Broker’s Gin mixes really well. It also is able to compliment and harmonize, fitting in nicely into a complex drink without overpowering. I’m not sure you’ll convince ardent anti-gin fans to drink an Aviation, but I think that (yes, it’s a delicious Aviation if you like Classic style gins) it won’t be so overpowering as to be objectionable. It’s well balanced.

I tried it in a Negroni, and found that those earthy notes were amplified: think cinnamon merengue, or carmelized oranges with a touch of fresh juniper. Very nice, and quite frankly: although I know what I paid for this drink, I would never have guessed it if you told me. It tastes on par with many gins which cost 10-15 dollars more. Although I think there’s better classic styled gins out there, at the price point, it stands out. And even if it did cost $10 more? I’d still say it was a good buy and worth seeking out.

PRICE: $19/750 mL
ORIGIN: [flag code=”UK” size=”16″ text=”no”] England
 Beautiful gin and tonic, but it was hard to find a drink where it didn’t work.
AVAILABILITY: Worldwide, keep your eyes open.
RATING: Very well balanced, a classic style gin that recognized that “classic” doesn’t mean that things like “balance” and other ingredients are a bad thing. And damn that’s a classy hat.

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Readers' Reviews

Last updated August 11th, 2013 by Aaron

10 thoughts on “Broker’s Gin

  • August 11, 2013by DTS

    I like both strengths of Brokers but the 47% really stands out for me. It was the first gin I tried outside of the big six.

  • August 11, 2013by AaronPost author

    I think it’s one of those “nearly everywhere” gins but rarely on barback gins. And It’s surprising to me that it’s not more widely drank.

  • December 13, 2013by Ben D

    My got to gin.

  • January 23, 2014by Ben D

    I made a Gin and Tonic the other night with Broker’s and Schweppes tonic. 1 part Broker’s gin to 1 1/2 parts tonic. When I was ready for the Lime I realized we were out, so I subbed a lemon wedge. I’ve done this before with other Gin & Tonics and didn’t really care for it, but that was without a doubt the best G & T I’ve made! The Broker’s, the Schweppes and the lemon (in the proportions I used) flavors were the perfect combination.

  • February 2, 2014by Roger

    Sipping Brokers on the rocks just now, and I find that there’s a musky, mushroomlike nose to it– not unpleasant, but a curious companion to the more pronounced and predictable flavors. I like it that their site takes a gentle poke at novel gin formulations– although I wouldn’t say ‘no’ if a friend brought over a bottle of Hendricks to a dinner party.

  • October 2, 2014by Evan Grambas

    I really like this gin because of its more traditional taste. For me that means Juniper being very available to the nose. I like it with some lime and Fentimans tonic water…or alternative with Fever-Tree tonic and a drop tonic syrup just to even it out. Always on my shelf. Kids get to play with the black hat (sorry, is that bad parenting!)

  • May 14, 2015by Jeremy

    I bought a bottle last night after reading up on some cheaper Gins that were still good quality. In Amsterdam, Netherlands this retails for about €20.

    To be honest I thought the bottle was really ugly and I hated the bowler hat which I thought was simply gimmicky and made it look cheap. However once I put this aside and took a smell I started to really like it. The taste is a very classic Gin, but it seems to be well made and totally in balance and I got just as much enjoyment out of it as I did for gins like Caorunn or Mombassa Club which I had bought recently at prices closer to €35. So all in a very good gin and at the price point great value.

  • July 13, 2015by Terrance Shuman

    I don’t generally try a new gin without at least peeking in here first, but today I happened to see the Broker’s on special in the shop. I think they had discounted it because it is a new item and they wanted to encourage folks to try it. Well, I do like a good bargain, and I thought the derby was sort of clever, so…

    I’m quite pleased with it so far. Made a lovely gin and tonic (Schweppes), looking forward to trying it with Fentimans tomorrow. Who knows, I might even go crazy and whip up a (gasp!) Tom Collins!

    A fine gin regardless of price, but an outstanding bargain at this price point.

  • August 17, 2015by Lorene Chambers

    I will not go into the “nose etc. and taste buds”. This is just the smoothest loveliest gin ever. A sin to mix with tonic etc. Over ice is perfect.

  • January 14, 2016by peggy

    I bought this gin because I loved the packaging…just adorable…then the gin was superior as well. Job well done !

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