The Gin Canon (Part I)

I wrote a “little” piece on which gin works best in a series of classic cocktails (Gin & Tonic, Tom Collins, Gimlet, Negroni, Aviation, Martini and Last Word) over at

Check out Part I and Part II over there.

But this business of the “Canon”
Something I grappled with in writing this piece and in writing my own reviews is “which drinks best showcase a gin,” and “which drinks need to be consumed in order to gain an accurate portrait of a gin.”

Wine seems simple to review. You taste what the wine tastes like on your palette. You sniff deeply with your nose. And wallah, you have a complete portrait of the drink as it is meant to be consumed.

But gin as many other spirits is much more complicated. It can be enjoyed on its own but it is most often enjoyed in the presence of others.

So if you were to create a “canon” of cocktails containing gin: what would be in it? Did I miss an essential gin cocktail in my “best gin in cocktails” piece?

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