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Fifty Pounds Gin

fifty pounds gin

The makers of Fifty Pounds Gin have brought to life a gin recipe created and so-named as to mock the “50 Pound” levy that the crown sought to distill on the thousands of home distillers in England during the gin craze during the 18th century. The recipe created, and then locked away (so the legend says) was only recently brought back to life by John Dore & Co. Limited, who did so in trying to respect the original recipe’s intentions.

Tasting Notes

The nose is lemon, lime, juniper, and very classic in character. Just a tinge of sweetness with a touch of creamy lemon as well. The nose is markedly lighter and clearer then the palate.

Juniper on the tip of the tongue, followed by lemon, coriander and angelica. Just a bit of spice, with citrus blossoming in the middle. Heat, very sharp. The finish hints at anise, angelica, juniper and citrus rind. Tart and direct, with a very dry palate cleansing finish. Long residual heat.

Mixing Notes

I mixed up a few gin and tonics with this gin: very acidic with a lot of bite and tang. I really felt it needed the lime to add some sweetness to balance out the flavor, I really thought it was a touch too dry and almost plain without the lime.

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