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Cold River Gin


People of the gin world, hello! I am here to give you the Gin Wife’s Take™ on some gin. Now the Gin Husband here, he loves gin. He looks at a gin bottle and says, “Let me love you.” I know this because I hear him say it to our massive collection in the kitchen that has taken over our counters and all my secret yarn spaces. Now, when I look at a bottle, I say, “Why are you looking at me?” and then, “Get off my counters,” and finally, “You’ll have to work to make me love you because I prefer pine in tree form.”

Seriously, the gin gets everywhere.

For me to like a gin, it is a hard won battle. So I thought to myself, Gin Wife, you should give your unvarnished take on some gins. The world needs to know what people who don’t really like gin think of gin. Also, give Gin Husband a break and let him stay sober on Sunday for once. The world also needs more sober Gin Husbands.

So I bit the bullet and tasted some gin. (Don’t worry too much, the Gin Husband is going to do a “proper” review in the near future.

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